A common theme I encounter with those I work with revolves around the propensity to judge the content and quality of their thinking and their subsequent feelings.

I get it. I too fall into the trap of rating the quality of my thoughts based on my habitual thought patterns.

The important point is not content but rather your human capacity to think.

The Principle of Thought
All thoughts are inherently neutral, innocent and powerless until you give them life by believing, manipulating, waging war and trying to control them (4 Keys to Understanding Thought article). Contrary to the teaching of many “experts”, you cannot control your thinking, it naturally ebbs and flows like the ocean tide. And although you cannot control your thinking, through the divine gift of free will you have the power to choose which thoughts to consider, follow and embrace. Your feelings are your innate guide in this process.

Manipulating your thoughts clogs the free-flowing nature of thinking and ensures old thoughts remain and new ones are held at bay. Once you understand the nature of thought you do not have to pay attention to any “crazy” or “off the wall” thoughts. When such thoughts arrive (the undoubtedly will) you realize they are inherently powerless; this allows your psychological immune system to engage.

The result of this understanding:


May you enjoy it.