Review your Twitter feed, read an online newspaper, or turn on your TV to watch the news, and you are undoubtedly bombarded with stories describing all that is wrong with and plaguing your community and our country. There is not a shortage of issues facing us.

So how do you watch the news and not lose your mind? It is a simple question. And the fact that some of us are even asking this question indicates how our culture is looking in the wrong direction for answers.

You see, nothing outside of you has the power to shape how you feel internally.

Not the news, not your coach, not your boss, not traffic, not your physical health, not your grades, not money, not the weather, not winning or losing . . .


If you believe the tragic events on the news or winning games or being offered a scholarship or making a lot of money or getting married or getting a date or closing the big deal has the power to change your internal feelings and emotions, you end up working, striving, searching, hoping, praying, struggling, and fighting to influence and control your world in order to feel better. This is the rat race.

Running in the rat race is living in a dysfunctional state of mind.
Such a life sucks.
I lived it for decades.
I don’t wish it on anyone.

The answer is so much simpler than we have been led to believe.

Thank God.

If you want to immediately change your life, all you need to understand is that your thinking in the moment—and NOT anything outside of you—causes your feeling state.

That’s it.

It is your thinking in the moment—and NOT anything outside of you—causing your feeling state.

May you have eyes to see and an open heart to consider the power in such an understanding.

Thanks for reading.