I know what my clients have been through.

I too have struggled with performance anxiety, worrying about what everyone thinks, the fear of failure, striving for perfectionism, wanting to be liked, excessive self-condemnation, and missing the joy of competition.

Even though I was a successful high school and Division I standout athlete and am now an entrepreneur, husband, and father of three boys, I have spent most of my mental life in torment and lonely. I searched for greater mental freedom and clarity in various places: self-help, religion, education (Master’s in counseling psychology), countless retreats, counseling, seminars, and group training sessions.

I was working for a well-respected mental skills/leadership development training company when one Saturday morning, while looking at Twitter, I stumbled on a paradigm that intuitively connected with my heart, soul, and experience.

It changed everything. I realized my strategies (and most popular performance and sports psychology paradigms, tips, tools, and techniques) significantly increased an already excessive workload for my clients, cluttered their minds, reduced their effectiveness, and limited their innate psychological functioning.IMG_2177

For decades, I had strived to control outcomes and believed my achievements (wins, money, success, children, marriage) would reduce my insecure feelings and enhance my well-being. I was looking at the world from outside-in.

Now, I sought answers from the inside-out. And I found what I had been looking for: relief and mental freedom by understanding how the mind works.

I left the comfort zone of my established company and started MindSports Consulting.

I teach the understanding of inside-out and how it can change your athletic and personal life. I help clients learn the source of their feelings, what to do with their endless thoughts and habitual ruminating, and how to create and interpret their experiences.

My clients discover what I have learned: That the foundation of human performance is understanding the principle of thought, the impact of mind-set, and seeing the truth in the thought-feeling connection.