“My son is really nervous before this game.”

As it turns out, her son played exceptionally well and was the difference in the game.

It is a complete myth athletes have to feel well to play well.

To consistently perform at a high level, athletes need to understand any off feeling (anxiety, insecurity, doubt, lack of confidence…) is a never a problem to be solved, fixed or avoided. You can perform well regardless of your internal feelings.

In fact, an off feeling is a gift, a signal, a warning sign, indicating your thinking is off base and unhelpful. In these moments, pay no attention to your thinking and simply carry on…proceed.

The boy’s anxious feelings originated in his head, in his revved up thinking, and not from the upcoming game. It only looks like the feeling originates in his environment; this is a common and innocent misunderstanding.

All people, all the time create their experience from the inside-out.

Once athletes realize his/her experience of any game (or life circumstance) originates internally, via the principle of thought in the moment, they need not waste energy trying to control the external world, and as a result they can play mentally uninhibited.

The world will radically change as more people understand feelings are caused by thought in the moment and NOT by any person, event or circumstance.

Why? Because when you believe the origin of an uncomfortable internal feeling is external, you strive to change your environment in order to discard the uncomfortable feeling and seek a more comfortable feeling.

Speaking from decades of experience, this a dead-end.

100% of the time you create your experience from the inside-out.