I am writing this article from a plane as I travel from Charlotte to Philadelphia to play in a golf tournament with my brother. Approximately halfway through the flight, the pilot made the following announcement:

“Please make sure your seat belts are buckled because we will be going through some turbulence.” 

 As soon as he finished his sentence, I thought of a recent tweet by my friend Garret Kramer: “When turbulence hits, do pilots fly on or strategically try to escape it?”

I think you know the answer.

Just like my pilot, you too are called to go through the turbulence in your life. Yes, it will be rocky (my plane ride certainly was). Turbulence, turmoil, and mental confusion are a by-product of being human. Nothing is wrong with you or the world when you are in a low feeling state, mood, or mind-set. And, there is nothing to do when you are in this mental trough except proceed (just like our pilot) with trust and faith that clarity will return.

It always does.