In kindergarten and first grade, my youngest son, Cole would carry his brown little blanket (Goldie) to school. Every day Goldie was firmly in his grasp, often by his face, wiping away tears as his separation anxiety skyrocketed the closer he came to his classroom.

Undoubtedly, in Cole’s six-year old mind, Goldie was a temporary source of comfort and security.

Unfortunately, for years I was stuck in a six-year old mind-set, believing external events and achievements would take away my angst and provide the security I desperately sought.

I will feel better when I ____________________ but I could never achieve enough to feel good enough.
I was miserable.

My life was a byproduct of an innocent but tragic misunderstanding.
I was looking in the wrong direction.
I did not know any better. IMG_3468

I do now.

100% of the time your feelings originate in your moment-to-moment thinking and not in your achievements, successes or failures. 

There is no direct transmitter connecting your feelings and external events. If external events caused feelings you would always react the same way to identical situation; you don’t. As your thinking randomly fluctuates so does your experience.

You feel better as your head naturally clears of thought (clarity).
You feel worse as your head naturally fills with thought (clutter).

How would your life be different if you really understood the depth and reality of the thought-feeling connection?

Bless you.