I often see tweets and other messages with the hash tags of #blessed #Godisgood. I am all for blessings and acknowledging the goodness of God. However, these hash tags usually follow a message sharing a positive event or outcome in the person’s life such as a big win or a promotion.

And I wonder.

Are you only blessed and is God only good after an achievement or positive event in your life?

Are you chasing victories in order to feel good?

If so, you are living with a monumental misunderstanding. There is no connection between your circumstances and your internal feelings.

Perhaps, when people use these hash tags in this manner, they are sharing their current feeling state. In other words, they have a secure feeling within, which expands their mind-set and perspective, and from this state of mind they easily acknowledge the blessings of their life. And, conversely, when in a low state of mind, these people are unable to see the goodness of God.

My fifty-three-year-old brother daily struggles with a rare form of leukemia. Some days he can barely get out of bed and is so weak that he has to nap to have enough energy to eat dinner, take a bath, and enjoy time with his young family. Yet, he goes through most days experiencing a multitude of blessings and acknowledging God’s goodness. He has dark days when cancer rears its head; however, he is not a victim to his circumstances. In fact, I have never seen him as joyous and full of life as he is today.

He truly is an inspiration.

Remember, your feelings are linked to your moment-to-moment thinking and not any external event.

Thank you, brother.