1) All feelings are the byproduct of thought in the moment, and not outside events; external circumstances have no power over mind-set, mood, attitude or well-being.

2) They cannot control the thoughts which randomly arrive.

3) They already have within all they need to love and lead productive lives.

4) They know they have unsurpassable worth and are immeasurably loved.

5) They cannot lose their worth, love and significance.

6) God is in control. They are the plane and not the pilot.

7) Love wins. Freely give and freely receive it.

Why do I want my boys to understand these points?

  • They will not seek achievement or success on or off the court, field, rink or classroom in order to feel better.
  • Once they understand life is filled with wins, losses, good days, bad days, made shots and missed shots, they won’t freak out when feeling off.
  • They know that as mental clarity or clutter ebbs and flows, prior interpretations of “negative” or “positive” events will be “seen” differently; perspective is a byproduct of state of mind and not tied to outcomes or events.
  • The will understand low feelings (insecurity, doubt, lack of confidence, anxiety) are not a problem to be solved.
  • They will trust their innate psychological immune system to take over when in a low mental state or mood. Our minds will default back to clarity if we let it.

For Luke (14), Brooks (11) and Cole (8).