1. All people experience the world from the Inside-Out (we create our experiences via our moment-to-moment thinking).
    • Ignoring this truth does not diminish its power.
    • Easy to understand intellectually but not so much experientially.
  2. All humans have innate psychological well being.
    • You don’t have to attain anything to be mentally healthy.
    • Every person has gold within.
    • This is the difference between the disease model (what is wrong with you) versus the well-being model (what is right/good about you).
  3. Regardless of the outcome, you will be okay.
    • The sun always rises.
    • When in doubt, see #12
  4. All people are doing their best given their level of understanding.IMG_2453
    • Compassion and grace abound from this level of awareness.
  5. Love is a natural byproduct of a clear head.
    • Love requires no thought, ego or intellect.
    • Love and judgment cannot simultaneously co-exist.
  6. Our mind-set will always rise and fall despite our best efforts of control and manipulation. 
    • There is no need to freak out or do anything when in a low or aggravated state of mind.
    • When left alone your mind will self-correct back to its natural state: clarity.
  7. Fresh and new thinking will always arrive.
    • Your thinking is fluid, variable and random.
    • Ruminating on your thoughts only clogs your mental system; it does not solve any problems.
  8. When you understand the source of all insecure feelings originate within, you are looking in the right direction.
    • You exert personal power from this grounding.
    • You are not a victim to circumstance.
    • Looking elsewhere increases clutter and reduces your state of mind.
  9. Nothing on the outside (wins, losses, money, fame…) is responsible for how you feel on the inside.
    • It only looks like it does via a trick of the mind.
    • I wish I understand this truth decades ago :).
  10. There is no need to engage or to take every thought seriously.
    • You exercise your free will when you choose to ignore any thinking which creates ill feelings.
    • Thoughts hold no inherent power or influence.
  11. You do not experience your circumstances. You experience your thinking.
    • Remember, you don’t always have the same feeling/reaction to the identical circumstance.
    • As your thinking fluctuates so does your experience.
  12. Proceed.
    • Regardless of any insecure or agitated feeling.
    • Remember #3, #6, #7, #8, #9 :).

From a clear head everything above makes sense. When cluttered, all bets are off.

Thanks for reading.